Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Whiskey Throttle MX – Elgin’s Only Motocross Specialists

For Jay Honsinger and Greg Cross, co-owners of Whiskey Throttle MX, motorsports aren't just a business they are a lifestyle. The pair are avid snowmobilers and motocross riders themselves and they enjoy riding and fixing recreational vehicles so much that it was a natural next step to start a business. After mulling the idea over for awhile, the two friends opened Whiskey Throttle MX in April of 2015 with a shop and showroom located at 43718 John Wise Line in Central Elgin.

Whiskey Throttle is a term that many dirt bikers are intimately familiar with. It means to give so much throttle that the rider slips off the bike causing it to lose control. Honsinger and Cross cleverly chose the name because if someone “Whiskey Throttles” their bike, they are most likely going to need some repairs.

Part sales and repairs are Whiskey Throttle's main services; however, they also build and sell custom motorcycles. Honsinger, Cross and a licensed mechanic that works on-site have a combined 40 years of experience between them.
“We take great pride in doing high quality work and repairs,” says Honsinger. “When you leave the shop it is going to be right.”

Before the shop opened, there was nowhere in Elgin specializing in motocross bikes forcing those who needed parts or repairs to drive to London for service. Whiskey Throttle MX has filled this much needed gap by stocking a variety of parts for snowmobiles, motocross bikes, ATVs, and motorcycles. The shop also stocks oils needed for ATVs and motocross bikes. 
Although the business is taking off, Honsinger and Cross are true enthusiasts who make time to ride every weekend.  The pair are also currently working on putting together a team of local racers that will include well known riders Kassie Boone and Brenden Bishop who will compete at Gopher Dunes Raceway, Walton Raceway and in Quebec.

For more information about Whiskey Throttle MX visit http://www.whiskeythrottle.ca/ , like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whiskeythrottlemx and follow them on Instagram @whiskey_throttle_mx. 

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